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Ever had a cigar bomb? Ohhhh, the calamity of it all – you open your mailbox, and unbeknownst to you there’s a carefully selected assortment of handmade cigars staring back at you, that someone thought you just needed to try.  Surprise, surprise. That’s what qualifies as harmless fun and tomfoolery around here. So while you can count on a knowledge drop every week from the staff, every so often the Advisors will pass along some special giveaways, run cigar contests and dish sweet prizes for our Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf.

It’s the Advisor Way, where we give ’til it hurts.

Next time, it’s a gift card giveaway for Fox Cigars Inc…so step on up, throw your name in the hat, and win cigars and cigar wisdom from us, for the price of FREE.

That’s right – enter NOW for your chance to win FREE cigar accessories & other great prizes from Fox Cigars Inc.!

To enter the contest simply email us Why you love Cigars? to with "Contest" in subject line. You can also post / comment on our facebook page -




1. Winner of our 1st weekly contest is Ms. Mithila Javeri from Mumbai. Many congratulations to her. Below is her reply:

I love cigars because cigars is not a thing or just a smoke it's an emotional connect. Through cigars I am able to take out time from the busy schedule and enjoy life. Also one just cannot compare the feeling I have smoking a cigar on a winter evening paired with a nice spirit. So that's about it. I hope now you are able to realise my love for cigars.

Cheers to fox cigars 


2. Winnder ofour 2nd weekly contestis Mr. Santhosh from Erode (TN). Many congrtulations to him. Below is his reply:

I love Cigars because of the calmness, peace, purity, divinity and soulfulness that a cigar brings to me.

Basically tobacco leaves are something that was introduced to me during my childhood by my beloved great grandfather through his sniffing tobacco. Since then I was so curious to learn everything about Tobacco. It was my grandfather's Indian hand made cigars ( Surutu) that triggered the real curiosity. But I started smoking only in 2018 when I was 26 years old. 

More than the luxury that's associated with Cigars, I love the simplicity it holds yet a highly delicate artisanal product. Though I smoke only one cigar a month, I love the peace and calmness it brings to my mind.

I love the fact how such artisanal products like cigars, spirits, wine and beer can add a soul to our life when consumed in moderation. For example both my grandfather and great grandfather consumed unadulterated tobacco products on daily basis within limits and lived healthy life even in their 90s. 

I feel so privileged to be born in a region called Erode district of Tamilnadu where the tobacco leaves are still grown for all three forms of use like cigar, sniff and chewing tobacco.

For me cigars has a divine touch to itself as it is something that is offered to the Gods in my region.

I love cigars for the giving nature of entire community of cigar smokers.

Thankyou for the opportunity !

Have a great peaceful smoke !

Warm Regards
Santhosh K