Month: March 2018

Why Bill Used His Cigar Instead of His Erection With Monica

Bill Clinton Meets The Shrinks A psychological study of President William Jefferson Clinton by Paul Lowinger   Bill said that he had “hundreds of affairs” before “turning forty” but then he began a “concerted effort to be faithful,” according to a conversation with Monica reported to the Starr grand jury. This suggests that he began

5 Lovely Cigars, And The Whiskies You Should Match Them With

I recently had the pleasure to sit down for a chat with Daniel Santiago, owner of the excellent Edinburgh shop Jeffrey St. Whisky and Tobacco, which sells an impressive collection of both whisky (especially, independent releases of single malt Scotch) and cigars. Without exaggerating, he’s probably one of the most knowledgeable people about cigars in Scotland,

Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal?

Cuban cigars have long had a reputation as being the best , but if American cigar connoisseurs want to enjoy them, they can only do so illegally Cuban cigars are banned in the United States. The ban dates back to February 1962, when President John F. Kennedy established a strict trade embargo on all imports

What’s so great about Cuban cigars?

After a decades-old tiff, the United States and Cuba appear to be in the diplomatic equivalent of couple’s therapy, each giving a little ground for the sake of rebuilding the relationship. On Wednesday, it appeared the warring parties made progress, with the United States announcing that, among other things, it would ease trade restrictions imposed by

The 10 Most Expensive Cigars That Money Can Buy

Smoking cigars has been enjoyed by people around the world for hundreds of years, but only in the last century or so has it become associated with the wealthy. There’s a wide variety of cigars available, each with its own flavor and characteristics that are tied to its origins. The finest cigars in existence are

Here is Why Cigars and Champagne go Well Together

Some cigar lovers may want to avoid hard spirits, but they still might indulge the pleasure of a little bit of alcohol. For them, champagne and cigars can represent a perfect pairing option. Of course, what one personally find to be a good pairing might not work for other people. We are talking about a